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Do you remember to celebrate your big and small wins?

Quarter 1 of 2023 has come and gone. Let's take some time to reflect and celebrate!

Becoming your biggest and best cheerleader is VITAL to your mental fitness and wellness.

Do something awesome at work? Celebrate.

Clean the bathroom? Celebrate.

Complete a project for your home or your family? Celebrate.

Meet a goal or deadline? Celebrate.

This pictured captured a

moment last Tuesday

when I celebrated that I

had just finished my

FINAL Co-Active Coach Certification zoom class!

We've been meeting every Tuesday for 6 months. So

I took myself out for lunch!

7 More things to Celebrate from Quarter 1:

  1. FIVE coaching clients that started in 2022 signed on for a 2nd coaching package in 2023! #doingthework #transformation

  2. Updated the website with our newest offers and transformation stories!

  3. Registered for Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Exam in April - CPCC, here we come!

  4. Started the application process to become an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with ICF!

  5. I started working with Startup Migrants as a workshop facilitator and coach!

  6. Get to host the next TEDxTrondheim event on April 27th!

  7. Cleaned the bathroom more than once. #smallthingoften

My coaching community has been so good at encouraging me to celebrate my big AND small wins. Sometimes it can be challenging to know…how can I celebrate?

7 Ways to Celebrate:

1. Repeat a celebratory mantra

  • I am enough. I DID IT!

  • I like me!

  • I can do hard things!

  • I am creative, resourceful, and kicking ass!

  • I can. I will. I did!

2. Text your friend, colleague, partner, or a group chat

  • Share your win with people who will be excited for you!

3. Journal

  • Reflect on your win and write it down! Journaling creates a space to reflect on your wins (and losses/learnings). If you do this weekly or daily, it can become a treasure trove for your future self!

  • Oh look - my week/month didn’t completely suck- I had these small wins and this big win!

4. Take a walk

  • Don’t laugh now! A walk can serve the same purpose as journaling - take time after a win to reflect and soak in the moment before you jump onto the next task on your to-do list.

  • Terrible weather? Create an indoor self-care moment with some yoga or stretching.

5. Buy yourself a gift

  • A bouquet of flowers, a face mask, a plant, a fancy coffee, a new journal, or a pen

  • Don’t spend a lot of money (unless you want to), just mark the occasion - second-hand shops have all kinds of treasures too!


  • Bust out your leather jacket, THE blazer, that amazing dress you never wear. Throw on whatever jewelry and makeup/accessories that makes you feel good.

  • Put on that song and parade around the house by yourself, OR….

  • Up-level and grab a friend to go out dancing with!

7. Party

Do something with your bestie/s to mark the occasion: go out to eat or get a drink, invite them over, go shopping, go dancing, get an ice-cream, or have a simple video chat to celebrate with each other!

I want to know! What are you celebrating from the first quarter of 2023?

CHALLENGE: Write down your big and small wins from the first 3 months of 2023

AND make plan to celebrate in the coming week!

Let's spread some joy- share your wins and celebration plans in the comments below!

Want support in learning to celebrate your wins and learning to be your own best cheerleader? Book a Clarity Call (complimentary coaching consultation) today!

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