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What is a Co-Active Coach? 🧐

Updated: Mar 28

Last Sunday I completed 104 hours of training

with the Co-Active Training Institute, and I got the shiny PDF to prove it a few days ago 🥳. Today, I’d like to explain why I chose to train with this school 👩‍🏫 and how the Co-Active model helps my clients.

  1. My research found that this model was well-reviewed and used around the globe. Co-Active course instructors live in 23 countries and speak 26 languages. The Co-Active Training Institute is the world's largest in-person and online coach training and leadership development organization. The CoActive coach training program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and has been called the “gold standard” of coaching by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate that has linked the Co-Active Model to evidence-based scientific research about its effectiveness.

  2. The Co-Active® model is a non-directive, dynamic, holistic coaching approach. In this model, the whole person is seen- heart, mind, and body. The Co-Active approach puts people, with all their needs, hopes, dreams, and goals for a fulfilling life - not their problems - at the heart of the coaching process.

  3. There is so much meaning in the 2 parts of Co-Active. It means simply, “being together…in action.” The "Co" refers to the connection between coach and client. It includes collaboration, vulnerability, love, space, and essence. It is about being- who you are at your core. The "Active" refers to doing and the choices we make: efforts, habits, and systems we invest in. It is about creativity, power, action, focus, and making things real.

  4. Finally, the model is based on these four cornerstones, which are the foundation upon which Co-Active coaches do their work.

  • People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

  • Dance in this moment

  • Focus on the whole person

  • Evoke transformation

It was amazing to experience all of the above as a client with a Co-Active Coach last year, and as a student and colleague in each of the 104 hours of training. I can’t wait to start the certification process later this year.

For now, I’m building my practice and putting all that learning to work with clients. When I

view my clients as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, I honor the person they already are.

My coaching is not therapy or mentoring, but rather a thought-provoking dialogue. It is focused on the future that the client wants to create and inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

As a Co-Active coach, I have been trained to listen, observe and customize my coaching approach to the unique needs of each client in an empowered and co-active partnership. It is my job to create an encouraging, safe and challenging space for them to achieve personal growth and transformation.

When both coach and client engage in a Co-Active® dialogue, profound experiences of deep learning and self-awareness can take place. Building awareness and developing new perspectives open up new possibilities and choices. Using the energy of these developed perspectives, clients can make more resonant choices and take action from a place of self-awareness and empowerment.

It is a privilege to work with my clients to co-actively create an effective game plan for them to thrive now and build habits that will support them as they work towards their dreams.

We co-create systems that help to clarify the decision-making processes when life gets overwhelming or negative self-talk starts to interfere.

We work on current needs and long-term plans.

We are “being together…in action."

Curious about what Co-Active coaching would actually feel like and how it could help you?

  • Book a Clarity Call (complimentary coaching consultation) today!

Want to learn more about Co-Active? Check out this introductory video about the model from CTI.

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