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Transformational: 1 to 1 Coaching 
























Ready to try coaching?

Book a Clarity Call - a complimentary coaching consultation!

Available online OR in person in at DIGS in Trondheim Sentrum.


Why coaching?

  • I empower you to overcome insecurities and build discipline by developing your self-awareness and a personalized habits toolbox .

  • Change takes TIME and Support. This is why I offer coaching packages.

    • My 3 month package will give you the self-awareness, tools, and support you need to begin your transformation. 

    • My 12 month transformation package gives you the support you need through the ups and downs of a year. Giving you time to process and practice, and transform your relationship with yourself in order to live your life with Clarity, Courage, and Confidence.

  • The goal:

    • ​You prioritize your needs, speak up, and take powerful daily steps toward your goals!

On your coaching foundations coaching journey we will:

  • Explore current challenges and opportunities

  • Define goals and choose habits based on your core values, strengths, and vision

  • Recognize patterns of negative thinking and self-sabotage

  • Develop your self-awareness and ability to manage your emotions

  • Learn and practice tools to switch from negative to positive mindsets

  • Build a plan w/habits and systems to get unstuck and reach your goals​!

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Clarity Call

What is a clarity call?

It’s a complimentary coaching consultation- available online OR in person in Trondheim.

You get to: 
- Tell me about yourself and get to know me
- Learn about my coaching style and philosophy 

- Share about a current challenge or opportunity
- Play with a few coaching tools
- Build the clarity, confidence, and courage needed to take your next step (yes this is possible!)

- Ask questions about coaching and my services

Normally a 30-minute call, I’m offering complimentary 60-minute clarity calls

for Fall 2023! 🎉


Common Questions

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve. It helps you know yourself better, it helps you to discover your values, and it helps you to achieve your goals. 

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

The most basic difference is in what these professions do:

  • Therapists assess, diagnose, and treat mental health issues. Therapists and psychologists can create treatment plans and write prescriptions.

  • Because it does not involve identifying and reducing symptoms, coaches can describe their work as being more positive.

  • Coaches motivate and encourage people to achieve specific goals.

  • Coaches focus who you are now, who you want to become, and the actions plans and steps to get you there.

  • Coaches also provide support between sessions. Most therapists do not. 

What’s the difference between mentoring, consulting, and coaching?

​Cycling metaphor:

  • Mentoring supposes that the mentor is an export and has a wealth of experience to offer -teach them how to cycle, techniques for cycling.

  • Consultant - find and give data for how to do the best cycling

  • Coach- work on visualization, purpose, confidence, and making sure the cyclist is encouraged and empowered to reach their goals. #readytoride

Group Hug

Mental Fitness BOOSTcamp!

This transformational 6 week program combines group coaching with the Positive Intelligence Program through the PQ App. You’ll build 3 core muscles:

  • Self Command - tools to get calm, present, and grounded

  • Saboteur Interceptor - interrupt stuck or negative thought patterns

  • Sage - learn to respond to life's challenges from positive mindsets

Mental Fitness Workshops

As your workshop facilitator, I’m committed to empowering you and your group to take active steps to improve their mental fitness. No two groups are the same. We can create personalized and interactive workshops for you and your people. Each workshop is based on my personal experience and story and will begin with a motivational speech. Workshops are built upon my love of people, educator experience, and Mindset Coaching skills and training.

Mental Fitness- THE KEY to Thriving

It's not all physical. Learn and practice 3 simple steps to build mental fitness muscles daily.


Values Based Decision Making

When we know what is most important to us as a group and as individuals, we can be more decisive!


Life/Work Balance

Why boundaries are our best friends in our personal and professional lives.


Self-Compassion - A must have 

How positive self-talk and simple daily acts of tender and fierce self-compassion can transform our lives.


Motivational Speaker

Building Mental Fitness

I know how to make my brain do

"push-ups." Do you?

You are more than your diagnosis

Thriving with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, 

Insomnia, and Hyper-sensitivity

An American in Norway

No bad weather, only bad clothing 

Career Transition

Your life has more than one act!

What will your next act be?

Your Wellness

Why are we using bandaids? How to identify early signs

of burnout and use research based preventative wellness tools

to take care of yourself and your team. 

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