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Client Transformations and Testimonials

Stories Straight From the Source

Yuan Tian, PhD Candidate and
International in Norway

How would you describe yourself BEFORE coaching?

I had low self-esteem.


How would you describe yourself AFTER coaching?

I am much less self critical. I enjoy life more and I am nicer to myself!

What is the greatest benefit that Sturdy Coaching has brought you?

Knowing that all the negative voices in my head are just different opinions, not my true self. I am now an observer of voices from my head. I have practical tools to build self-awareness.

What did you love most about coaching?

My favorite part of coaching was using my inner leader, Wonder Woman, to help me prepare to show up as my best self in an interview. I got the job! Also, after our first few sessions, my 'black pit' (brutal version of inner critic ) never showed up again, which is totally magic and the biggest success to me

What have you worked on in Coaching?

In coaching I have also worked on improving my morning routine. It has been really useful to reflect and dig into the details of how I want to improve my mornings and what's getting in the way. Using the PQ App helps me a lot with being more present and and improving my concentration throughout the day.

Entrepreneur young Asian woman

Johnny Broeders, Team Leader and International in Trondheim

How would you describe yourself before coaching?

Somebody who wanted to improve, but didn't have the strength anymore, or the tools to start the process.

How would you describe yourself after coaching?

I have the strength again, a better perspective and tools to start improving myself more.

What is the greatest benefit that Sturdy Coaching has brought you?

Bringing out my inner fire, labeling my inner critics and allies, and being more aware of what is going on in the background of my mind.

What did you love most about coaching?

The open space that Elizabeth provides. I liked the methods of visualization and that I had a lot to say in what we were going to do, and then Elizabeth had a tool, question, or idea to help me with the issue that I wanted to tackle in that session.


International Woman
in Trondheim

How would you describe yourself before coaching?

I did not feel like myself in public. I criticized myself so much. I felt very stuck and overwhelmed all the time. I had so much fear in me and did not feel comfortable in myself.


How would you describe yourself after coaching?

I have more energy. I can show up for myself and am learning to handle my inner critics. I feel confident to face any known or unknown person and can do things even though I feel fear. I have developed my capacity to do hard things.

What is the greatest benefit of working w/Sturdy Coaching?

Knowing that I need to be my own cheerleader. I have learned the importance of playfulness and making space for fun. I am more aware of the importance of having a positive outlook toward life while still being aware of my challenges.


What did you love most about coaching?

I loved body scanning: knowing where I feel what- in the head, chest, gut, and legs. Being more aware of myself, my feelings, possible reasons why I get triggered, and which part of myself is acting up.

Woman with Headscarf
Portrait of Young Man

Norwegian Researcher
in Trondheim 

How would you describe yourself before coaching? 

Before coaching I had lost my passion and self-worth. My saboteurs (inner critics) were quite good at being present and draining energy. I was disconnected from my feelings and mostly stuck in my head. I struggled with paying attention, and my memory wasn't great either.


How would you describe yourself after coaching?  

I am more connected with my feelings and the world around me. I am able to recognize when I am spinning into bad habits and negative thoughts, and take preventive measures. I am more aware of what I value in life, which gives me a starlight to navigate by.


By using the tools provided by Elizabeth and the PQ app, I am able to switch to a positive SAGE perspective, helping me to be the person that I want to be. The curious, helpful and caring person.


What has been the greatest benefit coaching with Elizabeth has brought you? What outcomes have you achieved? 

1. Tools  2. Inspiration   3. Values

To take action. Put words on feelings. Awareness: Recognize when I am in an empty state, disconnected from the present. how I affect others, and wise versa. Able to pull myself up and ground myself. Stop the negative party. Find my values. 

What did you love most about your coaching experience? 

I loved the positivity of Elizabeth, and how that helped me to switch into a positive mindset. There are several important takeaways.

  1. It gave me a "taste" of positive feelings and an urge to have more- thus, a driver of "project me". 

  2. That showed me that it is possible to change a situation that appears to be stuck. 

  3. It showed me the effect I could have on others - and inspired me to pay positivity forward - and not negativity! 

  4. Elizabeth has helped me to look for all the good things in life to celebrate and feel gratitude.


Elizabeth has provided me with the tools to carry out the project, challenged me to carry it out, and followed up in between sessions - kindly reminded me of the challenge and encouraged me to proceed.

Young Man in Smart OUtfit

Engineer and Adventurer - International in Trondheim

How would you describe yourself BEFORE coaching?

Insecure, a bit lost, scared.

How would you describe yourself AFTER coaching?


What were the greatest benefits of coaching for you?

I am less panicked or restless. I treat myself in a better way.

I have have a stronger belief that I CAN change

and improve myself and my life.

Woman at work

Roos Spanjers - Mom of 4, Advocate, and Researcher
in Transition

How would you describe yourself BEFORE coaching?

I was A mess. I was in a constant fight between what I wanted to do and be and what my inner critics told me I could never achieve. I was stuck in an endless cycle of thinking about how and when to do things and how to make a difference. Both for the practical stuff and the creative stuff, there were so many barriers put up by my inner critics, that I often did nothing. I often knew what I wanted, but I lacked the confidence to dive in and be ok with the results.

How would you describe yourself AFTER coaching?

I have become much more decisive. If you don't do anything, nothing will happen. If you do start doing something, merely by the fact that you take action, things will happen...things will shift also in your expectations of the project, your confidence, your self-esteem. That is an incredible learning experience! 

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.38.57 PM.png

Elizabeth is a brilliant coach and an excellent listener who is able to help bring clarity to any situation. Her caring and compassionate style enabled me to comfortably share my issues with her. With her excellent questioning skills, she supported me to move from overwhelm and procrastination to positive, focused action. Elizabeth is incredibly authentic, and fun to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who finds themselves overthinking and needs help to build confidence and get a plan in place to work towards their goals.

Michelle Minnikin - Chartered Psychologist & Coach

Elizabeth is a thoughtful and intentional coach. She brought empathy and organization to every participant she worked with, and wasn't afraid to have crucial conversations with teachers that while maintaining her kindness and positivity. She always did her homework - ensuring she researched, brought meaningful evidence and data to coaching meetings, and being as responsive to the needs of each teacher as she could. I'd strongly recommend her as a coach!

Kulsum VakhariaDirector of Instructional Coaching at EdConnective

Elizabeth is a great listener and a passionate coach who helped me get to the heart of the matter with tact and empathy. Her warm and positive can-do attitude makes delving into sensitive topics easier.

Ramona Enache, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft 

Elizabeth has been great at helping me explore my inner world and thought patterns. She  used  her skills to empower me to take action. Because of Elizabeth's coaching I have found a new and exciting perspective on life.

Yuan Tian, PhD candidate at NTNU 

In just one session, Elizabeth helped me to see my problem from multiple perspectives. These perspectives changed the way I felt, and therefore how I approached the problem.

Jasmine Wu,Senior Strategy Manager, Barclays

Elizabeth challenged me to focus on and find the things I’m doing well when I was too self-critical. She always had a positive attitude and mindset!  Coaching with Elizabeth felt safe and supportive.

Middle School Teacher

Working with Elizabeth feels like digging for gold!

Roos Spanjers,              
Mom of four, advocate,  
former researcher in transition

Elizabeth helped me find my spark!

Amanda Fayant, Researcher and Artist

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