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Less Overthinking - More Clarity and Courage

I am passionate about helping internationals and professionals in Norway move from overthinking and overwhelm to mental clarity, confidence, and courage!

I empower you to overcome insecurities and build discipline by developing your self-awareness and a personalized habits toolbox so that you can prioritize your needs, speak up, and take powerful steps toward your goals.

Sturdy Coaching offers 1 to 1 Mindset Coaching, Group Coaching, Mental Fitness Workshops, and Mental Fitness For Teams . Services are available in person in Trondheim, throughout Norway, and online internationally. 


About you

Do you want help with any of the following?

Building courage and confidence

Overthinking and overwhelm

Negative self-talk: 
my inner critic won't shut up

Wanting to be more me:
what are my core values and top priorities?

Support with a life transition

Life-work balance:
wellness and self-care


How Elizabeth Works

Core Values:

Curiosity, Joy, Partnership, Adventure, Courage    ​

Who is my coaching for? Anyone who wants to improve! ​A cornerstone of Co-Active coaching is that we see you, the client, as already creative, resourceful and whole. My job as a coach is not to fix you in any way, but to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess!

Together we can…

  • Explore current challenges and opportunities 

  • Identify core values and use them to make decisions 

  • Recognize patterns of negative thinking and self-sabotage 

  • Learn how to rewire your relationship with your inner critics and saboteurs #neuroplasticity 

  • Build new perspectives to make conscious and proactive choices #empowered

  • Create an action plan with strategies and systems to get unstuck and reach your goals

Using top strengths

Elizabeth is a coach who...


… has a deep awareness of 
the expression, value, and implications of emotion. I create a safe space for you to share that will make you feel seen, heard, and understood.


…understands what is special and unique about you. I will see the best in you and help you build your self-awareness, self-acceptance and love.


...will see and  affirm your potential. I will help you find new perspectives and self-awareness, and make decisions towards your growth.


…loves to give homework and make action plans. I know that the first step and forward momentum are key to building your confidence and empowerment.


…is a book worm and self-development nerd. I will use my 15+ years of therapy, coaching, journaling, reading, and podcast listening to connect you with the tools you need.


…creates peace and order through organization, planning, and routines. I can help you bring structured solutions to whatever challenges you are facing.

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