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Nariê Rinke D. de Souza

Postdoctoral Fellow at NTNU

"The workshop was a nice way to learn hints on how to control the negative voices inside our heads."

Coline Senior

PhD at NTNU,

Founder of ByMaker

"Elizabeth created a safe atmosphere, which means the world to people like me who instinctively avoid social gatherings and interactions with strangers."

Cecile Carpentier, 

PhD at INN Hamar

"I would recommend Elizabeth's workshops to individuals that feel stuck in some aspect of their life and want new tools to help themselves." 
"I enjoyed learning most about the sage powers. I had never heard of them before and I find them very interesting and helpful. I also really appreciated that Elizabeth was so open and shared her own experience with us. It really created a safe and relaxed atmosphere even for people like me who would normally be scared of sharing my experiences and feelings with strangers."

- DION Member, NTNU Trondheim

“The format suits very well to 2 hours! It is worth it because we can have insights into how we are behaving and how to change those patterns for the better. As a presenter Elizabeth was great. She was transparent and very nice. ”

- Jessica Heluany, PhD @NTNU Gjøvik

“This workshop was interactive and playful, I got out of it more confident and in a better mood than when I entered the room. This makes me think that if Elizabeth can achieve this in 2h with a room filled with 40 people then she can for sure help people grow and empower them in a 1 on 1 coaching program. I would definitely recommend her to friends, colleagues, and family."

- Coline Senior, PhD at NTNU,

Founder of ByMaker

“The workshop is a great investment in yourself and can turn out to be super helpful to avoid or cope with negative patterns of thought.”

PhD Candidate, NTNU Trondheim

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