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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Client and Partner Love

Letizia Jaccheri, General Chair of womENcourage Conference, NTNU Computer Science Professor

“I enjoyed learning about mental fitness muscles. Elizabeth was awesome and the workshop was really useful. I recommend others should do it with their teams.”

Katherine Vangen, NTNU- International HR Senior Advisers

“Elizabeth’s workshops effectively and efficiently bringing in the personal, professional and educational themes to the participants. I like Elizabeth’s trust-based communication skills and how she is easy going on such complex and personal themes. She brings insight, understanding and the first steps to change in a humble way. You should try her workshops- you will never see or be the same again.”

Stian Engen, Senior Advisor at Simula Academy

“The feedback we received after Elizabeth’s Mental Fitness Keynote was positive, with many indicating that they were introduced to new and useful concepts of mental health. Many participants also expressed interest in attending a longer, in-person workshop with Elizabeth to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.”

Sonia Ahmadi, CEO and Founder of Women for Change

“Working with Elizabeth has been amazing. The workshop’s format is incredibly effective, offering practical tools and strategies that have helped participants move past overthinking and overwhelm, gaining mental clarity and courage instead. Her facilitation style is both empowering and supportive, creating a safe space for growth and self-discovery. The value her workshops provide is immense – participants leave with increased self-awareness, confidence, and actionable steps towards their goals. I highly recommend Elizabeth and Sturdy Coaching to anyone who wants to invest in themselves.”

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, CEO at StartupMigrants

“Elizabeth is co-hosts our Startup Preschools in Trondheim and runs our local alumni group. She is inspiring and has a wonderful way of connecting with the participants in our programs so that they feel seen and heard.”

Regina Paul, 2022 NTNU DION president, 2023 SIN vice-president

“Elizabeth consistently displays reliability and respect in her work, and her optimistic mindset. Her exceptional motivational abilities contribute greatly to her professional excellence.”


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A Love Story

NTNU NIRS workshop participant- Asmita Singh - August 2023

“Elizabeth has an inspiring journey and is an excellent facilitator- enthusiastic, engaging and empathetic! The workshop helped me see that I'm not alone. Many people go through the same things in life and that there are tools we can use to help us cope.”

NTNU DION workshop participant- Coline Senior - November 2022

“This workshop was interactive and playful, I got out of it more confident and in a better mood. I also appreciated that Elizabeth was so open about her story and created a safe and relaxed atmosphere.”

SIN workshop participant - Sofia Kjellman, UIT Postdoc - November 2023

“I learned that it is actually not that bad if you learn to acknowledge and navigate the feelings - I’m hopeful. Elizabeth was open, present and responsive. She made me feel safe sharing thoughts and feelings.”

Forskerforbundet workshop participant - Sofia Kjellman, UIT Postdoc - November 2023

“It was very well composed- well researched and prepared. Elizabeth has great people skills, managing to emphasize a point without a heavy atmosphere, she is positive- easy to relate and listen to."

NTNU NIRS workshop participant-  February 2024

“I’d recommend the workshop, it’s a great way to start thinking and understanding how we feel, why, and where to start making small incremental change."

NTNU NIRS workshop participant-  February 2024

The workshop helped me to look back my journey, and to give credit for present situation.Elizabeth was very enthusiastic and friendly. It made the workshop very nice. She's also great at asking questions and giving examples.”

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