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7 Gifts to Prevent Holiday Burnout

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Tired of running in circles for work, family, and your community? Me too.

These are the 7 gifts I’m giving to myself this year. I invite you to choose a few (or 7) to give yourself! 

1. Gift giving boundaries 

I’ve decided I don’t need to buy everything for everybody this year. I’ve delegated more gift-giving to my husband. I’ve decided to send cards instead of gifts to some. The people I

love know I love them because I’ve said it. In-person, on paper, or digitally.

Love and appreciation clearly communicated is the best gift.

Stressing about gifts you still haven’t purchased? For people you really want to give more than a card, consider giving a card inviting them to a future activity - coffee or lunch date, crafting night, a movie, a show, or an outdoor adventure- sledding, skating, skiing etc. 

2. “No.”  

Give yourself the gift of at least 3 deep breaths before you say yes to buying, baking, or doing one more thing. Do you really want or need to do __? What’s the worst thing that could happen if you said no a few times this holiday?

Perhaps try these:

  • Given my other commitments - No, I don’t have time for that today .

  • No, I’m tired. 

  • No, but let’s do that ____ 

  • No.  (It is a full sentence!)

3. Rest

Partying and hanging out with family and friends is great.

Binging books and series on Neflix is fabulous.

Taking care of your physical and mental healthy is equally important.

Taking alone time, napping, or going to bed early is a HUGE gift to yourself.

What type of rest are you longing for this holiday?  

4. Play 

 Let your inner child have FUN!!!


Board games

Card Games





Building a snowman

Mario Kart


What is your inner child longing to do?

5. Connection 

Community and connection will look different for each of us over the holiday. Here are some ideas to help you prioritize finding your people:

Take a moment to think about who you are longing to connect with. Make sure to let them know you care by text, a hug, video call, or in person - sharing a cup of coffee or cocoa with a fellow human can be SO good.

Take a moment to think of someone who may be lonely or struggling and send them an encouraging text. 

6. Movement 

I fully plan to enjoy the couch for the next two weeks.

I do NOT have any epic marathon or workout plans.

I WILL get moving daily through yoga, walking, skiing, lifting weights, and/or jogging.

We’ll see what I’m in the mood for, but my daily daylight walk will be non- negotiable. #moveformentalhealth #moveforphysicalhealth  

7. A paper book:  

In this age of way too much screen time, I’m a huge fan of good old-fashioned PAPER books. Highly recommend second-hand shops, bookis, and your local library. Here are a few favorites from my 2023 reading that I highly recommend: 

The above 7 gifts are, monetarily, close to free!

They DO require you to set some boundaries and be intentional about your time and energy. 


  1. Get some pen and paper

  2. Scroll back up - which of the above gifts do you want to prioritize for the coming holiday? 

  3. WRITE it down and schedule it. 

  4. Share the gift you will give yourself in the comments below! 

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas!

and God Jul!

~Elizabeth Sturdy 

P.S.- Give your self the gift of a FULL day of PAUSE - to reflect, dream, and plan. On January 21st, we will work together to create the time, tools, and space you need . Intentionally choose where you want to spend your time and energy in 2024!

Get the full program details and your ticket here:

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